Federal Litigation Primer for Special Education Lawyers (3-29-23)

This training is designed for education lawyers who represent parents and students under the idea and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. It will cover various enforcement strategies in federal court to ensure implementation and compliance related to special education/504 programs, services, and accommodations.

 Participants will:

  1. Learn federal litigation strategies to implement special education services and accommodations in federal district courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts
  2. Learn strategies and tips on investigation, preparing and filing federal actions concerning special education services
  3. Learn the key legal issues relating to exhaustion of administrative remedies;
  4. Learn how to file a TRO/Preliminary injunction to enforce special education rights for pendency and other emergency cases
  5. Learn the blueprint for negotiating and settling special education cases in federal court
  6. Learn strategies for pre-trail procedures up to the point of discovery


  • Elisa Hyman - Law Office of Elisa Hyman
  • Benjamin Kopp - Attorney - The Cuddy Law Firm PLLC.


  • CLE Credits
    Areas of Professional Practice: 4.00
  • Format
    On-Demand/Recorded - Audio/Video File
  • Practice Area(s)
    Education Law
  • Price: $0
  • Materials
    Contains 4 training item(s)

About the Faculty

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    Elisa Hyman (Speaker)

    Since 1998, Ms. Hyman (she/her) has been representing individual parents and students in impartial hearings, administrative appeals, federal civil actions, as well as class actions and impact litigation. She is currently president of The Law Office of Elisa Hyman, P.C. (the ?LOEH?), a private, public-interest law firm providing representation in education law, disability discrimination and civil rights cases involving public education. With a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals, the LOEH primarily focuses on providing legal representation to families who cannot otherwise afford education legal services or for whom paying an out-of- pocket retainer would be a hardship. In 2007, Ms. Hyman and the LOEH joined Friedman & Moses, LLP as Of Counsel and she founded the Special Education Law Group. In 2016, the Special Education law practice moved to the LOEH and it became a free-standing firm. In addition, between 2007-2009, Ms. Hyman provided education policy consulting services to organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute at Harvard. Between 1998 and 2007, Ms. Hyman spent more than eight years at Advocates for Children of New York (AFC), first as the organization's Deputy Director (1998-2006) and then as the transitional Executive Director (2006-2007). Before joining AFC, Ms. Hyman was Assistant General Counsel at Safe Horizon, where she focused on domestic violence and crime victim policy. Prior to starting a public interest law career, Ms. Hyman was a litigation associate at White & Case (1991-1996). Ms. Hyman has her J.D. from Duke Law School and a M.A. in Economics from Duke University. Contact: www.specialedlawyer.com