DVD - Taking, Perfecting, and Preparing For Appellate Term and Division Appeals in Housing Law Practice

This training will analyze creating a record for appeals in housing law practice, and deciding whether to appeal as well as how to perfect the appeal, write an effective appellate brief, and prepare for the oral argument.  The faculty will also examine case examples and discuss recent appeals. 

Filmed on July 18, 2016

  • CLE Credits
    Skills: 1.00
    Areas of Professional Practice: 2.00
  • Format
    On-Demand/Recorded - Audio/Video File
  • Practice Area(s)
  • Price: $150
  • Materials
    Contains 3 training item(s)

About the Faculty

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    Edward Josephson (Speaker)

    Edward Josephson is currently the Director of Litigation at Legal Services NYC and at South Brooklyn Legal Services. From 1996-2003, he was the Director of the Housing Law Unit at South Brooklyn. He has defended tenants in eviction proceedings since 1988. Mr. Josephson has litigated a number of affirmative cases on issues of significance to low income New Yorkers, including Grimm v. DHCR, which expanded landlords' liability for rent overcharges; Brooklyn Tenants v. Lynch, a challenge to pro-landlord amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code; Campos v. Rhea and Torres v. Martinez, federal actions that helped reform procedures in the Section 8 rent subsidy program; Frunzescu v. Martinez, which expedited the issuance of emergency Section 8 subsidy transfers; and Lang v. Pataki, a constitutional challenge to laws requiring rent deposits by indigent tenants. He has also litigated numerous cases in federal district and bankruptcy courts to protect the rights of tenants in federally subsidized housing projects. Mr. Josephson is a graduate of NYU Law School.