DVD - Eviction Prevention from Supportive Housing

This training will focus on eviction prevention issues from supportive housing. We will identify the different types of mental health supportive housing, and how to distinguish them - including the New York State of Office of Mental Health-licensed programs versus unlicensed programs, permanent versus transitional housing, and scattered-site versus community residences. We will also examine regulations and laws that are unique to supportive housing, and we will identify some best practices for working with clients who are at risk of eviction from supportive housing. Finally, we will discuss ways that legal services providers may attempt to increase due process rights for those living in supportive housing. At the conclusion of the session, participants will have learned to identify what type of supportive housing a client resides in, the specific laws and regulations that may apply, and affirmative defenses that may be raised in an administrative or housing court proceeding.

Filmed September 6, 2017

  • CLE Credits
    Areas of Professional Practice: 1.50
  • Format
    On-Demand/Recorded - Audio/Video File
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  • Price: $150
  • Materials
    Contains 3 training item(s)

About the Faculty

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    Mara Kuns (Speaker)

    Mara Kuns is a staff attorney at the New York Legal Assistance Group's LegalHealth Unit, where she staffs a legal clinic at the Mount Sinai Hospital. She primarily works on access-to-care cases and end-of-life issues. Prior to joining NYLAG in 2016, she worked at the Urban Justice Center's Mental Health Project for 7 years, where she focused on eviction prevention matters and disability rights issues for people with mental illness.
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    Dinah Luck (Speaker)

    Dinah Luck is a staff attorney at Mobilization for Justice (formerly MFY Legal Services). She was with its Mental Health Law Project from 2004 to 2016, where she represented litigants with psychiatric disabilities in eviction proceedings, government benefits cases, and other types of civil proceedings. She then moved to MFJ's Bronx Housing Unit, focusing exclusively on eviction prevention.